Take The Time

Take the time to smell the flowers,

As you walk the paths of life,
Take some time to ease the tensions,
From the challenges and strife,

Take the time to hear the birds sing,
As they usher in the dawn,
Though the day be just emerging,
Too soon it will be gone,

Take some time to watch a sunrise,
Now and then a sunset too.
Just be sure that seeking pleasure
Isn't all you ever do.

Take some time to count your blessings,
Though you feel they're not that great,
You will find they're more abundant,
Than you thought, at any rate,

Take some time to banish hatred,
When and where you can,
Just detest man's evil ways,
and not your fellow man.

Take some time to love your children,
Every moment you are free,
The benefits exceedth,
A university degree,

Take some time to love your neighbor,
And even more important still,
Take some time to love yourself,
Or not many others will,

And if you don't like that image,
Of yourself that others see,
Take some time to make some changes,
Be the best that you can be,

Take some time to help another,
Who you think might need a hand,
You will find the satisfaction,
Leaves you feeling sort of grand,

Take some time to live by virtue,
In the best way that is known,
And respect the rights of others,
As equal to your own,

Take some time to just appreciate,
The fact that you are here,
And to know that Higher Power,
And to trust It with out fear,

If you do these things with dilegence,
You will eventually be glad,
If you don't attempt to do them,
You may one day wish you had,

Although this no doubt could impose,
Upon your time for seeking wealth,
There should be little question,
That it could improve your health,

And though you might not be as wealthy,
Nor drive so fine a car,
You'll find you will be richer,
In other ways by far.......

By Leon Hansen


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